Uttarakhand floods: ”The warnings were given, says Meterological Department

Director of the Meteorological department, Anand Sharma said here today that warnings were given that a event like heavy rains in Uttarakhand were on the cards. Anand Sharma said that the meteorological department had warned and it has been confirmed by the government.

” So they have done their work. In the hills, how will people get your message if they don”t have the means for it? An all weather communication system needs to be developed for this. How will the people listen to the latest developments in the power goes off and it is raining? So that is also an issue,” Sharma said. The same sentiments were echoed by the Meteorological department in New Delhi, saying that they did their job properly while giving out warnings about the impending calamity.

“The met department has done its job. After this we cannot comment on the government”s actions. The government is to answer for that. We have done our job. We have issued the warning and people received it. So we have fulfilled our duties of giving warnings and forecasts,” said M. Durrai Swamy, an official of the meteorological department. Over 100,000 people meanwhile have been evacuated by land and air, said the Internal Affairs minister Sushilkumar Shinde. (ANI)