Uttar Pradesh: Twenty Muslims convert to Hinduism

Lucknow: Twenty Muslims got converted to Hinduism after they faced a lot of problems from both the groups, they informed. They belonged to ‘Nat’ community in Uttar Pradesh.

A news report of India Today claimed that “about 25 years ago, our elders converted to Islam (from Hinduism) due to unavoidable circumstances. We were facing a lot of problems from both the groups and so we decided to turn back”, Surendra Kumar, the head of the group informed.

It was believed that this was a forced conversion, but the members of the community justified their decision with the facts. These people belong to the Makahari village of the neighbouring Ambedkarnagar district and according to them, they were having some social issues.

“I was in touch with Kailash Chandra Srivastava (of the RSS) and he helped us,” he added. “This is not at all a forced conversion. There are about 50 more waiting and we want to assure them of all kind of assistance and support in living a free and fear-free life”, Srivastava said.

A Janeu and Mundan ceremony was done at the Arya Samaj Temple near the Kotwali police station following which they were given new names, he informed.