Uttar Pradesh: BJP MP, MLA get into brawl at blanket distribution event

Sitapur (Uttar Pradesh): A video surfaced on Saturday purportedly showing a clash between the supporters of a BJP MP and an MLA over blanket distribution in chilly Uttar Pradesh.

The clash broke out when BJP MP Rekha Verma and BJP MLA Shashank Trivedi had gone to Maholi Tehsil office here to distribute some blankets among people.

During the programme, supporters of both the leaders clashed over taking credit for the distribution, injuring some of them.

MP Rekha Verma is seen at one point in slapping a man dressed in Khaaki.

At another point, she took off her slippers and tried to hit her adversaries on the other side of the table with it, though she could not reach them.

Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Maholi DP Singh said both the MP and MLA have reached a compromise and no one has given any application to register an FIR.

Later, the programme continued and people were given the blankets.