Uttam meets Khan Lateef Khan, says ‘Congress is pro-Minority party’

Hyderabad: President of Telangana State Congress Committee, Capt. Uttam Kumar Reddy called on Editor-in-Chief of Munsif Urdu Daily, Mr. Khan Lateef Mohammed Khan on 25th September.

Capt. Reddy told that right from the beginning, Congress has been a pro-Minority party. Before Independence, Congress was led by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. After Independence, Congress gave importance to welfare and prosperity of Minorities. Even today, it gives importance to Minority community.

During the discussion with Mr. Khan Lateef Khan, he highlighted the political situation of the State. He further told that KCR is BJP’s agent. He has always exploited the sentiments of Minorities. He poses himself as the sympathizer of Minorities but on the other side, he supported BJP on the occasions of the election of President, Vice-President and Speaker. He also supported Modi on demonetization.

Mr. KCR cheated the Muslims by promising 12% reservation during his election campaign. He had promised that within four months of TRS assuming power, 12% will be provided to the Muslims but even after the lapse of 4 years, he did not fulfill his promise. The resolution passed by State Assembly was sent back by the Center. Just before the elections, he appointed Chairman of Urdu Academy to cheat the Muslims.

Present in the meeting were senior Congress leader, Mr. Zafar Javeed and youth Congress leader, Mr. Amer Javeed.

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