Uttam admits Congress weak in SC, ST segments; to launch Punjab type policy

Admitting that the Congress party become somewhat weak in SC, ST constituencies in Telangana region, TPCC Chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy said that he will implement Punjab style policy to strengthen the Congress party in those constituencies.

Participating in the meeting of leaders of Congress SC, ST reserved constituencies held at Secunderabad on Wednesday, Uttam said that Daliths will not forget the attacks against them if the BJP chooses Dalith as their presidential candidate. He asked the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao to tell as to where gone three acre land for daliths. He alleged that the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao deceived tribal in the name of 12 percent reservations. The tribal people were losing their due share of jobs for the last three years.

Congress ST Cell chairman Kishore Chandra Deo has opined that the political parties have to allocate the seats to the SCs and STs in the elections where there were no reserved seats if the candidates have calibre. He said that the SCs and STs were more even in the non-reserved seats. He alleged that the present NDA government has changed the names of the schemes introduced by the previous Congress government. He alleged that both state and central governments failed to concentrate on the development of the SCs and STs. Finding fault with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for asking the Congress party to tell as to what it was done in the last 50 years, Deo said that the Congress did everything to the nation. Stating that nobody expected that the TDP would come to power in Andhra Pradesh state, Deo said that several leaders, who won the elections seven to eight times, lost their election. “We have to review the reasons for the defeat”, he said. Opining that states would develop speedily if the same party rules the state and central, Deo said that the Congress party was the party brought rights to the tribal people on forests. He alleged that both state and central governments failed to provide minimum support price to the farmers.

Congress SC Cell chairman Koppula Raju opined that the Congress was becoming weak in SC and ST reserved constituencies. He said that the Congress has won only six seats out of 31 reserved seats in Telangana state. “Three MLAs have changed their political affiliations after winning the election”, he claimed. There was a need to strengthen the Congress party in reserved constituencies with 3000 activists and Congress has to prepare one lakh Congress soldiers across the Telangana state. “It would be called Super 31 Mission. The Congress has to win in 31 reserved seats in the next elections”, he stated. (NSS)