User claims OnePlus Nord 2 explosion, company responds

New Delhi: As a user on social media recently claimed that his OnePlus Nord 2 had caught fire and exploded, the smartphone brand on Friday said that the alleged victim has not allowed them to perform a proper investigation in the matter.

According to the company, it takes every claim such as this very seriously out of concern for users safety.

“A few days ago, an individual notified us about an alleged blast case for the OnePlus Nord 2 on Twitter and our team immediately reached out to this individual to verify the legitimacy of the claim,” a OnePlus spokesperson told IANS, when we reached out.

“However, despite multiple attempts to analyse the device, including a visit to the premises to examine it in the individual’s presence, he has so far denied us the opportunity to perform a proper diagnosis. Under such circumstances, it is impossible for us to verify the legitimacy of this claim or address this individual’s demands for compensation,” the spokesperson added.

The user named Gaurav Gulati recently wrote on Twitter that the incident took place in his office when he was at work and it has traumatised him.

“I got burn injuries and due to inhalation of poisonous smoke of blast I am feeling breathing problems…” Gulati wrote.

“Right now I am under trauma and taking treatment as per advice. And will brief the media channels very soon regarding this phone blast. Till then please be safe if you have this mobile,” he added.

He also claimed that his hearing and vision capacity has also got affected due to the alleged incident.

Last month, another Twitter user also claimed about the explosion of the OnePlus Nord 2 in his tweet, and later deleted the post, without uploading any photos of the allegedly exploded device.

The company later refuted the claim saying a probe has revealed that the case was false and did not involve any OnePlus product.