‘Used to borrow suits for parties from Sanjay Dutt’, reveals Anil Kapoor

MUMBAI: Actor Anil Kapoor has recently revealed that during his initial days he used to take actor Sanjay Dutt’s suits on rent while going to parties.

The actors were present to celebrate the 30th year of “Ram Lakhan” at Subhash Ghai’s newly launched 70 mm theatre, MuktaA2, previously called New Excelsior.

At the occasion, footage of the premiere of “Ram Lakhan” was showed which featured a young Kapoor in a dashing suit.

“One thing I have to say is that the suit that I wore on the premiere, I am sure it was 100 per cent a rented suit. It wasn’t mine,” Kapoor quipped at the launch.

To which, Grover elaborated that the suit indeed wasn’t of Kapoor as the duo used to wear rented party-wear during that time.

“The suit really wasn’t Anil’s. It was Rajeev Mehra’s wedding and there were five to six functions. Neither Anil nor I had suits. So we both used to go to Akbar (designer) to borrow suits of other actors.

“And he used to give Anil Kapoor suits of Sanjay Dutt while I used to get only shirts. He never thought I would become an actor,” Grover said.

The actor said for days Kapoor and he would have to do “some buttering” so that the designer would give them suits. Kapoor remembered the incident and said, “I remember. You’re absolutely right. Akbar was kind enough to give me Sanjay Dutt’s suits to wear. They were a little loose, because he (Dutt) was well built and I was single ‘pasli’. But I used to wear his suits.”

Ghai said nothing has changed today as a lot of youngstars go to designers to wear fancy clothes.

The theatre situated in the heart of south Mumbai witnessed many screenings of Ghai’s iconic movies like “Karma”, “Ram Lakhan”, “Saudagar” and “Khalnayak”.

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