Use of smartphones blamed for weapon snatching in Kashmir

Srinagar: Use of smartphones and casual approach to work were on Thursday blamed for the increasing number of incidents of weapon snatching in Jammu and Kashmir.

In a detailed order, A.K. Choudhary, the Additional Director General of Armed Police, said: “It has been observed that recent weapon snatching incidents have occurred (as) sentries on duty remain engaged with their smartphones for most of the time, thereby compromising with their legitimate duty.

“This tendency has considerably increased and resulted in weapon snatching/killing of policemen in the state, particularly in the Valley.

“All guard personnel shall ensure compliance of the standing drill in letter and spirit.”

The order imposed a blanket ban on use of smartphones during guard duty hours and also said that the weapon must be chained to the guard’s body as per the standard instructions contained in the drill for such duties.