Use emu oil, foot reflexology for happy feet

New york: Give yourself happy feet by using emu oil, going for foot reflexology and by massaging them daily to keep them stress-free, suggest experts. Simal Soin, Aesthetic Wellness expert at Aayna Clinic and Sudheendra Udbalker, Consultant Dermatologist at Fortis Hospitals Bengaluru, have listed ways to have happy feet:

* We now have specialists dedicated to foot care like podiatrist and chiropodists. Fine instruments like drills and burrs do away with dead skin build up and leave your feet looking smooth and comforting. The treatment specialises in foot concerns including medical discomforts like psoriasis, plantar keratoderma, toe nail fungus and exfoliative dermatitis.

* Foot reflexology helps improve circulation especially in diabetics and people with chronic venous insufficiency. Foot massage and reflexology also relieves migraines, lowers blood pressure and decreases chronic sinus infections.

* Emu oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which results in healing, skin renewal and repair. The treatment at night calms, strengthens the nerves and improves circulation. However, if the feet are not healthy and have corns and dead skin build up, medical healing pedicures and reflexology must go hand-in-hand to improve the health of the feet.

* If your feet have a tendency to develop dryness and cracks, then massaging before you go to bed is a must. It treats the dry skin and helps in preventing the early wrinkles.

Foot massage increases the blood circulation in the body and helps in relaxing tense muscles, by bringing together nutrient-rich blood into the area.Olive oil/almond oil is generally recommended for a nice massage, you can also make use of any mild foot massager cream also if you want. After massaging your foot, you may also wear socks in order to store the moisture in your feet.