US will regret sanctions: Iranian Foreign Minister

Tehran: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that United States President Donald Trump’s administration will “regret” the newly-imposed sanctions on his country.

“The U.S. administration will come to regret taking these ridiculous measures,” Anadolu News Agency quoted Zarif, as saying.

The foreign minister further stated that while previous US Presidents have also displayed “disrespectful attitudes” towards Iran, they have eventually changed their stance, and said the Trump administration will have to do the same.

“Past U.S. presidents changed their attitudes towards Iran in line with experience. Mr. Trump’s administration must understand that its anti-Iran policies won’t bear fruit and therefore have to be changed,” Zarif said.

Asserting that the US’ “desperation” was highlighted in their move to include closed companies in the sanctions, Zarif said that the anti-Iran move was mostly criticized and opposed by the international community and that only a handful of nations like Israel and others supported the move.

Stating that it would mostly be the Iranian people than the government that would have to bear the effects of the sanctions, Zarif said that the government has undertaken steps in order to minimize the effect on the public.

“I assure our people that all necessary efforts have been made, both in the Council of Ministers and in other relevant institutions. Dark days await the U.S. administration. Washington hasn’t been able to convince its own people that its policies are serving their interests. This administration doesn’t consider its own national interests; it only serves a small group. They cover for the murder committed by Saudi Arabia and Israel,” the foreign minister added.

On November 5, the Trump administration had imposed the “toughest-ever” sanctions on Iran’s banking, energy and shipping industries, in a move aimed at altering the “behavior” of the country’s regime.