US welcomes Saudi move to address humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Washington: The US today welcomed a move by Saudi Arabia to allow humanitarian aid to reach Yemen.

The Saudi-led Arab coalition fighting Yemeni rebels announced yesterday that it would allow the resumption of humanitarian deliveries to Sanaa airport and the crucial Red Sea port of Hodeida, after a more than two-week blockade following a missile attack on Riyadh.

The US welcomed the move.

“Full and immediate implementation of the announced measures is a first step in ensuring that food, medicine, and fuel reach the Yemeni people and that the aid organisations on the frontlines of mitigating this humanitarian crisis are able to do their essential work,” White House Press Secretary Sarah sanders said.

The United States, she said, looks forward to additional steps that will facilitate the unfettered flow of humanitarian and commercial goods from all ports of entry to the points of need.

“The magnitude of suffering in Yemen requires all parties to this conflict to focus on assistance to those in need. All sides must support a political process with facilitating humanitarian relief as the top priority,” Sanders said.

The Trump Administration, she said, remains committed to supporting Saudi Arabia and all its Gulf partners against the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps aggression and blatant violations of international law.