US warns Syria against usage of chemical weapons

Tel Aviv: The United States has strongly warned Syria’s Bashar al-Assad regime against the use of chemical weapons in the region.

“There is no change to the US position against the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime – any further use will be met by a swift, strong response,” John Bolton, the US National Security Adviser tweeted on Sunday.

Bolton is currently on an official two-state visit to Israel and Turkey to discuss the withdrawal of US forces from Syria.

The NSA further outlined the agenda of the visit, which includes discussing the way in which US will continue working with its allies and partners to prevent the resurgence of ISIS, the countering of “Iranian malign behaviour in the region,” and US’s support for those who have helped the nation in fighting against the ISIS.

This comes after a Yazidi rights group, on Friday, urged the US to delay its troop withdrawal from the region, citing an “existential threat to minorities like the Yazidis” by increasing the ISIS’ chances of a resurgence.