US Vice President Kamala Harris greets Muslims on Ramzan

Washington: Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris on Tuesday greeted the Muslims in the country and across the world on the beginning of holy month of Ramzan.

In a video message shared on her twitter account, she can seen saying, “Doug and I would like to extend our warmest wishes to all those observing the holy month of Ramadan”.

Praising the Muslims, she said, “Around the world, Muslim families are taking time to help those who need it most, and to reflect on the blessing that comes with faith”.

Speaking about the Ramzan routine, she said, “Gathering held to break the daily fast are filled with love, community and nourishing food. And like last year, this Ramadan is going to feel different with online iftars and virtual worship. But next year, President Joe Biden looks forward to opening the White House once again to celebrate Eid and the mark of the end of the holy month. Until then, Kamadan Kareem”.

It may be mentioned that like last year, most of the countries imposed restrictions on gathering during Iftaar and Sehri to contain the spread of Covid-19. It is hoped that next year, the situation will return to normal as, by that time, most of the people might receive the Covid vaccine jab.

In India, the Ramzan began today. Although no lockdown exists in almost all parts of the country, Covid-19 restrictions are strictly being implemented to contain the spread of the virus.

In the mosques, Covid-19 protocols are strictly being followed. Worshippers are asked to perform ablutions at the home and bring prayer mats along with them.