US vice-consul shot in Brazil leaves hospital

Rio De Janeiro: The US vice-consul in Brazil was discharged from hospital after being shot in the foot in an attempted robbery at a seaside holiday resort near Rio de Janeiro, local media reported.

Stephanie Masland Bohlen was operated on Friday at Samaritan Hospital, Agencia Brasil said, adding there was no risk of further foot injuries.

Masland Bohlen and her husband were approached by two unidentified people late Thursday as they stopped to adjust their GPS navigation system on a highway in Angra dos Reis, in the southern part of Rio state, according to local media.

When they tried to flee, Masland Bohlen was shot in the foot and her husband was unharmed.

Civil police are handling the investigation.

A British tourist was shot and wounded in Angra dos Reis in August when she, her husband and their three children accidentally drove into a favela controlled by criminals.

The Rio area is one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations but many favelas — largely unregulated communities of working class Brazilians — are public safety nightmares.