US troops at US-Mexico border down to 3,150 from 5,900

Washington: The United States of America has lowered the number of troops deployed at the US-Mexico border to 3,150 from 5,900.

The troops had been deployed in November this year to assist Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as migrants arrived at the frontier from Central America in what came to be known as the ‘migrant caravan’.

“Currently we have approximately 3,150 supporting customs and border patrol along the southwest border with approximately 1,050 in. Texas corridor, 900 in Arizona, and 1,200 in California,” Robert Manning, the spokesperson for the US Defense Department stated.

However, Manning further said, “The department will continue to assess requirements to meet CBP needs,” according to Sputnik.

Over 5,900 troops had been deployed at the border in November this year, following which there have been regular deductions in troop numbers after Pentagon’s decision to reduce the numbers citing that some of the units had completed their mission.