US teen kills mom for taking away his phone

Tennesse: A 17-year-old boy who shot his mother dead last year is now being charged for murder as an adult after turning 18 recently.

The teen in Tennesse, U.S, accused of shooting his sleeping mother in the head after she took away his cell phone, has now been charged with first-degree murder.

The authorities said that accused, Shawn Willis, used a handgun of his mother, which she had kept in her nightstand and shot her dead.

The teen has reportedly agreed to be interviewed by investigators about the incident with his father’s permission. Subsequently, he confessed to taking the gun away into another room to load it so he would not wake up his mother.

The accused then reportedly went back to her room and shot her in the head at close range.

As per reports, the newly released juvenile court documents state that the teen was annoyed with his mother for taking his cell phone away earlier that evening.

Willis is being held in jail on a US$ 1 million ($1.4m) bond as he has now turned 18 and has been charged as an adult.