US, Taliban agree ‘in principle’ on framework for peace deal: Is it face-saving exit for America?

Kabul [Afghanistan]: The United States of America and Taliban have agreed in principle to formulate a framework for a deal that could eventually end the 17-year old war in Afghanistan.

According to US Special Representative for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad, the Taliban would guarantee that Afghanistan will never be used as a base for terrorism in return for a full American withdrawal from the country, The New York Times reported.

Is it a face-saving exit for America?

In 2001, US had decided to attack Taliban regime in Afghanistan. The then President of US had said that ‘War on Terror’ will not stop until all the terrorist groups are defeated.

After 17 years of war in Afghanistan, US and Taliban have agreed ‘in principle’ on the framework of peace deal. During the war, US spent $877 billion and lost 2000 military personnel.

History repeated?

Is withdrawal of US army a repeat of history? In 1839, British Empire attacked Afghanistan to defeat Dost Mohammed Khan the then ruler of the country. However, when war became unsustainable, the British had withdrawn its army.

Later, in 1979, Soviet Union committed the same mistake by sending troops to Afghanistan. US, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan supported Mujahideen, the tribal warriors to fight against the Soviet Union. Ultimately, Soviets decided to withdraw from Afghanistan.

Why US decides to withdraw troops now?

As per RT report, NATO is losing war in Afghanistan. US trained Afghan forces are unable to defeat Taliban.

On the other hand, Taliban want to rule the country. These circumstances forced both the parties to explore political solution instead of military solution.