US supports UN Security Council reforms: Nikki Haley

Washingon: The US is in favour of reforming the UN Security Council as long as they do not take away its veto, US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has said.

“We have told all members of the UN that we are in support of Security Council reform, as long as they don’t take our veto away,” Haley, told members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee during a Congressional hearing yesterday.

“I know that there’s multiple different plans out there and things that are going on. We’re going to continue to engage and continue to talk about that,” she said.

Haley, the first Indian-American to hold a Cabinet rank position in any presidential administration, was responding to a question from Congressman Ami Bera, who supported India’s membership to the UN Security Council.

“In the statement released earlier this week the president reaffirmed his commitment to add India as a permanent member of the UN Security Council along with, what I would argue, we should include all the G4 nations. And is that something that we get your commitment to continue to work on?” Bera asked.