US supported India, Pakistan to ‘stay the course’

US supported India, Pakistan to ‘stay the course’
PATHANKOT, JAN 2 :- Security personnel stand guard outside the Indian Air Force (IAF) base at Pathankot in Punjab, India, January 2, 2016. At least two gunmen and a guard were killed in an attack on the base on Saturday near the border with Pakistan, officials said, in an apparent challenge to attempts to revive a dialog between the nuclear-armed neighbors. REUTERS/UNI PHOTO-9R

Washington: The U.S urged India and Pakistan to stay the course on improving bilateral relation and said “all countries in the region” must fight together.

State department spokesperson John Kirby also asked Pakistan to act against Pathankot terror attack on an Indian air force base. He also said the U.S to encourage the governments of both the countries to remain steadfast in their commitment.

Mr.Kirby said. “And we in the United States want everybody to treat it as a shared challenge. And the Government of Pakistan has spoken to this, has spoken very powerfully to this, and it’s certainly our expectation that they’ll do exactly what they’ve said they will.”

The Obama administration want India and Pakistan to work together to bring peace and stability to the region.

Mr Kirby said Pakistan government should not discriminate among terrorist groups. He also noted that Pakistan too was a victim of terrorism as scores of Pakistani soldiers as well as innocent citizens have been killed.

The United States, he said, would continue to work for “increased cooperation, communication, coordination; increased information sharing and increased efforts against what we all believe is a shared challenge in the region.”