US, Russia expected to hold talks on air safety procedures in Syria

London: The United States of America (US) is expected to hold talks with Russia over the weekend, on air safety procedures in Syria to avoid accidental air crashes.

According to news reports, the Russia military has agreed to the proposal made by the US.

Peter Cook, a Pentagon spokesperson, was quoted by The Guardian, as saying that the Department of Defense was reviewing the Russian response and talks are likely to happen during the present weekend.

Russia’s entry into Syria’s civil war last week has complicated the American air strikes campaign against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the British daily further reported.

The US, though, has denied co-operation with Russia in the Syrian war.

According to reports, a US jet had to recently change course to avoid an accident.

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter had earlier criticised Russia for launching cruise missile strikes without warning.

If the meeting commences, steps will be taken to ensure both pilot and air safety procedures.

The US proposals which were outlined during a secure video conference between both countries military last week had discussed and included maintaining a safe distance between US and Russian aircraft and acceptance of using common radio frequencies for distress calls. (ANI)