US pushes Pakistan not to discriminate terror groups after Kabul attack

Washington : Amid reports that the deadly Kabul attack was plotted and carried out by the notorious Haqqani terrorist network, the United States has pressed Pakistan to follow up on Islamabad’s expressed commitment not to discriminate between terror groups.

“We have consistently expressed our concerns at the highest level of the Government of Pakistan about their continued tolerance for Afghan Taliban groups such as the Haqqani Network operating from Pakistani soil, ” Elizabeth Trudeau, Director of Press Office for the State Department said.

Speaking during the daily press briefing here, she was responding to a question regarding the Kabul attack as reports suggest the deadly attack was plotted by the Pakistan-based Haqqani terrorist network.

” And we did again – after this week’s attack, we have pressed the Government of Pakistan to follow up on its expressed commitment not to discriminate between terror groups regardless of their agenda or their affiliation by undertaking concrete action against the Haqqanis, ” she added.

At least 64 people were killed and 347 others were wounded in the latest toll of casualties in the deadly suicide car bombing in Kabul city on Tuesday.

The Taliban group claimed responsibility for the attack, which came days after the insurgent group announced its ‘spring offensive’ in the region.

The Afghan officials, including the international community, widely denounced the attack.

While President Ashraf Ghani vowed to revenge each drop of blood of the Afghan people shed by the militants, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah called the attack as a clear sign of terrorists’ hostility and enmity against the people of the country. (ANI)