US President worried about getting impeached

Washington: United Stated President Donald Trump is worried about the “real possibility” of impeachment when the Democrats take over the House, revealed a source close to President, reported CNN.

The source further disclosed that the US President is, however, unsure about the possibility of it happening but does view impeachment as a real threat.

The article written by CNN Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta stated that the aides inside the West Wing believe the only plausible issue in the impeachment process is the illegal hush-hush payouts to Trump’s mistresses during 2016 presidential campaign. Several Democrats see this financial violation as an impeachable offence.

Earlier, Democrat Senator Chris Coons stated that Trump could be indicted after he demits office if allegations against Trump of directing his former lawyer Michael Cohen to make illegal payments during the presidential campaign are true.

In August, Cohen had pleaded guilty to paying adult-film star Stormy Daniels as part of a non-disclosure agreement over her affair with Trump. He further claimed that he orchestrated the payments at “Trump’s direction”. He also pleaded guilty in connection with eight other criminal charges.