US President condemns Portland killing of two Muslim Men due to ‘Racism’

“He was telling us that basically we weren’t worth anything and we should just kill ourselves,”

Following the ghastly incident that took place in Portland, killing two men and injuring the other who came to the aid of the two Muslim woman, US President Donald Trump was called on by the Council on American-Islamic Relations urging him to condemn and speak out against such anti-Islamic attacks, which the group believes is a result of anti-Muslim speech’s.

The president condemned the killing of the two good men who came to rescue the woman, trying to stop the man from harassing them in the train. Before leaving to attend the ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery he tweeted saying “The violent attacks in Portland on Friday are unacceptable. The victims were standing up to hate and intolerance. Our prayers are w/ them”.

A third man who also came to the aid of the women suffered serious wounds in the attack on a Portland commuter train on Friday, hours before the start of Ramadan, Islam’s holy month. One of the women tearfully thanked the men for their sacrifice.

The advocacy group also said the incidents against Muslims have increased more than 50% in the United States since last year.

CAIR National Executive Nihad Awad on the incident expressed Trump has stirred up racism against the community “through his numerous statements, policies, and appointments that have negatively impacted minority communities.”

The arrested suspect, Jeremy Joseph Christian, 35, will appear in a state court and face trial on murder and other charges on Tuesday until then he shall remain in custody.

The suspect who is a convicted criminal from Portland, who harassed the women shouting religious comments at them, who was also riding in the Max light-rail train, said one of the women and other witnesses.

Destinee Mangnum one of the women wearing the head scarf said, “He told us to go back to Saudi Arabia and that we shouldn’t be here and to get out of his country,” who was on the train with a friend.

“He was telling us that basically we weren’t worth anything and we should just kill ourselves,” she said in a video posted on CNN’s website on Monday.

Three men who were on board came forward intervening the abusing, with one of them saying, “You can’t disrespect these young ladies like that,” said Destinee in the video.

Teary Destinee thanked the unknown men for putting their lives at stake to take a stand against the racism.
She said “They lost their lives because of me and my friend and the way we look”.

The Portland FBI is investigating the stabbings to determine the charges Christian should be charged with terrorism or a federal hate crime, according to Portland FBI spokeswoman Beth Anne Steele.

A Go Fund Me account has raised more than $420,000 by midday Monday for the families of the men killed in the attack and $175,000 for the wounded man, reported The Hindu.