US presence in Syria ‘wrong and illogical’ from start, says Iran

Tehran: Iran on Saturday stated that US presence in Syria was “wrong and illogical” from the start and the “primary cause of instability and insecurity” in the region.

The nation’s comments come amidst US President Donald Trump’s order to withdraw troops from Syria on December 20.

“The detailed examination of the region’s developments during recent decades and to this day shows the presence of the foreign element under various pretexts in this important and sensitive area bore no fruit except creating tension and insecurity and escalating disputes,” Iran’s Foreign Minister Bahram Qassemi said according to the nation’s state media, IRNA.

He further mentioned, “The presence of American forces was from the very start, in principle, a wrong and illogical move and a primary cause of instability and insecurity in the region,” according to Al Jazeera.

Tehran has sided with the Syrian government, while US forces fought alongside Syrian Kurds in the crisis in Syria where fighting has been ongoing since 2011.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has supported the US decision to pull out from Syria, as speculations are strife that lack of American troops in Syria will give rise to the influence of Russia and Iran in the region.

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