US: No active shooter at Air Force Base in Ohio, area ‘declared safe’

Dayton: Contrary to earlier reports, the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton city in Ohio on Thursday said that there was no “real world active shooter incident” at the base.

The base initially said emergency responders rushed to the scene of a “reported active shooter incident” at the medical center around 12:40 p.m.

However, after further investigation, officials found that it wasn’t “an actual active shooter incident,” reported Fox News.

In a statement on Twitter, the base said that the security forces arrived after someone who thought “a real-world incident” was ongoing called the police.

“As a result, security forces responded to the scene and began a systematic sweep and clearing of the entire hospital. In an attempt to breech a door that was locked, a security forces member discharged his firearm to open the door and continue the sweep of the facility,” read the post.

The base said the area was “declared safe,” although it urged people to steer clear of the hospital area for the time being.

This comes at a time when United States President Donald Trump earlier on Thursday announced that he will visit Ohio on Saturday to campaign for Senator Troy Balderson.

“Looking forward to being in the Great State of Ohio on Saturday night where I will be campaigning hard for a truly talented future Congressman, Troy Balderson. See you all then,” Trump tweeted. (ANI)