US must provide solid proof when accusing China of economic espionage: Beijing

Beijing [China]: Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang on Friday said that Washington should provide concrete examples to substantiate its allegations of economic espionage and theft of trade secrets from US companies by Chinese companies and individuals.

On Thursday, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that a Chinese government-owned company along with a Taiwanese company and three individuals had been charged with alleged economic espionage aimed at stealing over $8.7 billion worth of technology secrets from US Micron Company.

“We have repeatedly stated our stand on the issue that you have raised; I recommend that you explore the website of the Chinese Foreign Ministry. If the US side does have concerns over this issue, the United States should provide real evidence with specific examples,” Lu told reporters at a briefing.

The United States has repeatedly accused China of unfair trade practices, including theft of US companies’ intellectual property and technology. Since the beginning of the year, several Chinese companies and individuals have been charged with stealing trade secrets from US-based companies. In late October, the United States also claimed that Beijing was purchasing advanced weapons from Russia for the sole purpose of making copycats and selling them at lower prices in the future.