US military plane makes emergency landing in Ireland

Dublin: A US military plane has made an emergency landing in Ireland due to a technical fault while on a flight mission over the Atlantic, the media reported.

The emergency landing was made at Shannon Airport in the western coastal area of Ireland at about on Sunday afternoon, Xinhua reported citing BreakingNews, adding that nine crew members aboard the plane remained safe and sound during the emergency landing.

The plane is a US Air Force McDonnell Douglas KC-10, an aerial refueling aircraft, which belongs to the 305th Maintenance Squadron based at McQuire Air Force base in the US eastern coastal state of New Jersey, according to the report.

The plane issued an emergency landing request to the Irish aviation authorities after it met a problem with one of its three engines while flying over the Atlantic, said the report.

A large contingent of rescue teams involving fire engines and ambulances were called in before the landing of the plane, it said, adding that the plane was escorted to a remote parking stand after it landed.

A subsequent investigation by engineers revealed that a panel was missing from the plane’s left engine.

Shannon Airport is a major airport along the Irish western seaboard.

Due to its unique geographic position, the airport often serves as an emergency landing place for trans-Atlantic flights either due to inclement weather conditions or technical faults.