US: Man tries to bite flight attendant, opens door, jumps to the tarmac

New York: A 22-year-old man in the United States (US) is facing a federal charge after he allegedly attempted to bite a flight attendant before opening an aircraft door and jumping to the tarmac below, according to media reports.

American Airlines Flight 5242 to New Bern at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina was holding just off a taxiway on May 25, with the fasten-seatbelt sign illuminated, when Tun Lon Sein allegedly got out of his seat and attempted to open the main aircraft door.

A flight attendant stood up and immediately told Sein to return to his seat while two other passengers got up to help, according to a complaint filed in federal court, the ABC reported.

Sein then allegedly attempted to bite the flight attendant in his effort to move towards the nearby galley service door, the complaint said.

He then managed to open the door and jump down to the tarmac below, it said.

While he did not speak English, a criminal complaint said he understood the flight crew’s instructions before he exited the flight.

Two employees working on the tarmac stopped Sein from running onto a nearby active taxiway. He was then taken to the terminal and transported to a medical facility.

The plane returned to the gate where passengers exited to be re-screened. The plane, operated by PSA Airlines, an American regional airline, departed Charlotte at 11:31 am. It had been scheduled to leave at 9:40 am, according to American Airlines.

Sein is facing one federal charge of interference with flight crew members and attendants and was scheduled to appear in court on Friday.