US: Man stabs Hijab-clad nurse, reward announced for information on accused

Harris County [USA]: In an incident which took place in the United States of America (USA), a man stabbed a 31-year-old Hijab-clad nurse. After the incident reward was announced for information on accused.

According to the report published in The Hindu, the victim was driving home from her job on Thursday morning when this attack took place. On the way, her car was almost sideswiped by another vehicle. She immediately stopped and stepped out of the car to check for damage.

The driver of another car came out of the vehicle and started shouting at the woman. He then stabbed the woman in the arm. Later, the accused left the crime scene.

After the attack, the victim returned to the clinic where she is an employee.

The age of the accused is between 20 and 30. The case is under investigation and a reward of $5,000 has been announced for the information on accused.