US lawmaker Ilhan Omar grills Trump’s envoy, asks would he engage in genocide in Venezuela

Washington: Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, one of the first two Muslim women in the US Congress, representing Minnesota, sparked controversy for grilling US President Donald Trump’s newly appointed special envoy to Venezuela, Elliot Abrams on Wednesday.

Omar blatantly, on Wednesday, questioned Abrams in a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing, by asking him, “Would you support an armed faction within Venezuela that engages in war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide… as you did in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua?”

She hit out at Abrams, for his participation in 2002 failed coup attempt against the former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

Lately, she was also in the spotlight for her “anti-Semitic” remarks for which she later apologised.
Earlier, the United States announced that foreign policy veteran, Elliot Abrams, will be leading US efforts on Venezuela in the wake of the political crisis in the South American nation.

The United State’ comments come amid a raging political crisis in Venezuela, with the opposition leader, Jaun Guaido swearing himself in as the President of the South American nation on January 23.

The US was the first nation to recognise Guaido as the interim President, with elected President Nicolas Maduro holding on to his post despite the developments.