US keen to have better ties with India, Interview with director of the US Department of State’s London Media Hub

Hyderabad: Of late ties between US and India have further strengthened. Besides Defence sector both the countries have strengthened ties in economic sector too, which is in the best interest of both the countries. In an exclusive interview to Siasat, Director of the US Department of State’s London Media Hub, Jared Caplan expressed these views. Jared Caplan is also the Arabic Media spokesperson. South Asia Media Specialist Anwar Hasan also accompanies him.

The diplomats called on news editor Siasat, Mr. Amer Ali Khan. Caplan admitted that US have maintained good relations with both India and Pakistan at the same time. He maintained that US supports the military action in Pakistan against terrorist activities. He further said in fact US supports action against terrorism in any part of the world.

Mr. Caplan suggested that India and Pakistan should hold talks to resolve their issues. Although US doesn’t want to interfere in the affairs of both the countries, but if both the countries want, it can play the role of a mediator. On the question of US’ refusal to impose sanction against Pakistan for latter’s invasion on Kashmir, Mr. Caplan said US is against interference in internal matters and is also against encouraging terrorism.

He said, the U.S respects the unity and territorial integrity of Pakistan and does not support independence for Balochistan. He declared ceasefire in Syria as promising. He declared, false propaganda that Islamic State is actually the brainchild of US, as baseless. He claimed that US has initiated joint struggle against terrorism along with 66 countries. If Russia agrees to join hands with US, it would enable them to fight the ISIS.

Mr. Caplan hailed the educational and welfare activities of Siasat Daily and declared especially establishment of centres for Understanding of Quran as a unique step.

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