US-India military ties growing fast, says U.S. Consul General

Washington: Bilateral military ties between the United States and India are developing very fast and challenges faced by the world’s two biggest democracies are naturally alike, said a visiting American diplomat here.

U.S. Consul General Craig Hall said “Well it’s true US and India military relations are growing very quickly and United States is happy to have this new working relationship with the Indian military,” to reporters after meeting Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar.

Denying that Indo-U.S. military power is necessary for balance of power in view of growing military power of China, Crain said: “I don’t think from U.S. perspective, we think it in terms of balance of power (as China’s growing military power) but rather look at it as a natural friendship between India and U.S. militaries. We are two very big and diverse democracies, very similar global hindrances, so it’s natural that are two militaries would develop their relationship is the other parts of the India-U.S. relationship development as well.”