US-INDIA aviation summit closes in Bangalore

New Delhi, Nov 9 : The US-India Aviation Summit closed on November 5 following two days of high level meetings and discussions between public and private sector leaders from both nations to discuss ways to strengthen the bilateral aviation partnership. The Summit was co-hosted by the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) and India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation with the support of the US-India Aviation Cooperation Program ( ACP).

“The dedication of India’s government to the expansion of their aviation sector has fostered continued growth and created opportunities for U.S. businesses to provide their technology and expertise,” said USTDA Director Leocadia I. Zak. “USTDA is pleased to support our Indian partners’ goals and to have convened US and Indian stakeholders from this critical sector.”

“The government is making all efforts to promote the growth of the Indian aviation sector in a significant manner,” said Minister of Civil Aviation Raju. “Systems and processes which affect this sector will be simplified and made more transparent with greater use of technology without compromising on safety and security.”

India’s aviation sector has continued to grow rapidly since the last biennial event was held in 2013. Building on this success, the country’s civil aviation market, currently the world’s ninth largest, is anticipated to require an additional USD 110 billion in financing to continue to advance India’s diverse aviation expansion and modernization projects through 2020.

Building on this growth, during the opening session of the Summit Director Zak announced that USTDA is partnering with India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation to support its tremendous progress in strengthening its aviation safety and oversight framework.

This follow on work builds on previous cooperation that enabled India to achieve a Category 1 aviation safety rating in April of this year. This project will support sustainable growth in India’s rapidly expanding aviation market, both internationally and domestically, and deepen the shared economic activity between the United States and India.

The Aviation Summit advanced US-India collaboration in technical, policy and commercial areas. By bringing together key decision makers to discuss a range of important matters such as airspace utilization and air traffic management, airport infrastructure and development financing, aviation security, aviation safety, and general and business aviation development, the Summit strengthened the commercial and economic ties between the United States and India. (ANI)