US imposes sanctions linked to Iran’s ballistic missile

Washington: The United States today announced new sanctions linked to Iran’s ballistic missile program, just a day after sanctions targeting its nuclear program were lifted.

In remarks shortly before the US announcement, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani of Iran said that any new American sanctions would be “met by an appropriate response.”

The US Treasury Department said in a statement that it had added five Iranian nationals and a network of companies based in the United Arab Emirates and China to an American blacklist.

It said the network had “obfuscated the end user of sensitive goods for missile proliferation by using front companies in third countries to deceive foreign suppliers” and that the five individuals had “worked to procure ballistic missile components for Iran.”

Adam J Szubin, acting under secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, said that “Iran’s ballistic missile program poses a significant threat to regional and global security, and it will continue to be subject to international sanctions.”

Rouhani, speaking at a news conference in Tehran some 90 minutes before the new US measures were announced, was asked what would happen if the United States imposed new sanctions or violated terms of the nuclear agreement.

“Any action will be met by a reaction,” he said.

“If the Americans impose any measure they will receive an appropriate response.