US govt shutdown enters day 26, workers continue sans pay

Washington: As the longest-ever partial US government shutdown enters its 26th day, US Representatives are sharing stories of affected workers from government agencies who are going without pay due to the shutdown.

“Ralph is an 11-year @USArmy vet who has spent 5 years keeping us safe at @MCO. Now, because of the #TrumpShutdown, he’s working without pay. They have a son in the 4th grade, one in college, and one with special needs. His family is struggling to make ends meet. #ShutdownStories, ” US Representative from Florida’s 10th Congressional District, Val Demings, tweeted on Tuesday (local time).

“A woman from NH wrote to me & said the #TrumpShutdown has impacted her & her daughters tremendously. Without the financial support of their father, a government worker, they will soon be unable to buy food, pay bills & buy gas. This is appalling. #EndTheShutdown #ShutdownStories,” US Representative Ann McLane Kuster stated.

“Flying to Washington yesterday I met a TSA agent working without pay because of the shutdown. She is a single mother raising a 15-year-old daughter, & her family is struggling to make ends meet without her paycheck. #ShutdownStories, ” Brad Schneider, the US Representative from Illinois’ 10th Congressional District shared.

Representatives, mainly from the Democrat party, have taken to their social media to share stories of affected workers who are struggling to make ends meet due to no pay that has been triggered by the partial shutdown.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has set the estimate of those affected Americans at 8,00,000 people while strongly demanding US President Donald Trump to reopen the government, which has been in the state of a partial shutdown since December 22 due to a stalemate between Trump and the Congress over funding for the wall on the US-Mexico border.