US govt. reopens after shutdown, clears major bill

New York [USA]: The United States government briefly shut down overnight and opened early Friday morning, with the House of Representatives approving a major budget deal.

The GOP-controlled chamber got help from House Democrats to clear the bill with 240-186, CNN reported.

The measure has been sent to President Donald Trump for his signature.

The federal government shut for the second time in less than a month overnight, after Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul on Thursday prevented the budget bill from passing ahead of a shutdown deadline.

The impacts of Thursday night’s shutdown, which came just weeks after Democrats and a handful of Republicans including Paul refused to support the last continuing resolution, were expected to be minimal.

A path forward for the bill still remains murky in the House as liberals unhappy about the bill not addressing immigration and conservatives oppose the increased spending.

The colossal bill, which lawmakers have been negotiating for months, would be a game-changing piece of legislation, clearing the decks for Congress in dealing with major spending issues as well as doling out disaster relief money.

The bill does not address the high-profile issue of immigration, a key sticking point for many Democrats; but increases spending caps by $300 billion for the Pentagon and domestic priorities, a crucial incentive for getting enough votes from both parties.

But House Speaker Paul Ryan argued that Congress must first pass the budget agreement to shift their focus to immigration reform as a separate legislative fight.(ANI)