US faced defeat on global level: Hassan Rouhani

Hailing Iran’s “long-lasting victory” over the US, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani claimed that he had tried to undermine a nuclear deal between his country and major world powers. His comments followed Donald Trump’s statement that he wanted to fix the “terrible flaws” of the agreement and threatened to pull the US out of the pact.

Mr. Rouhani in a speech broadcast live on state TV claimed, “The American administration has failed to undermine the nuclear deal … Trump, despite his repeated efforts, has failed to undermine the accord.” “The deal is a long-lasting victory for Iran”, he claimed further.

While the US President Trump has repeatedly claimed that the deal was too lenient and that Iran had broken parts of the agreement, Iran has said the original deal is non-negotiable and it will stick to the accord as long as the other signatories respect it.