The US is running out of bombs and its probably because they drop one every 12 minutes. Technically there’s no war as America is not officially on war with any of the countries but they are waging war with 76 countries around the world, well that’s insane as this is the total of almost 40 % of countries on this planet. The Pentagon plans to invest more than $20 Billion in the munitions in the next budget, and its not even sure that the industry can make that many bombs, they cannot keep up. At the time when the bombing runs exceeds the number of bombs and the numbers just keep growing.

George W Bush who started war against terror dropped 70,000 bombs in 5 countries. Obama dropped 1,00,000 bombs in 7 countries, and Trump dropped 44,000 in his first year, 121 a day ONE EVERY 12 MINUTES. Let alone do anything about this we cannot even get upset about this because most of us are not even aware of it. The media is preoccupied with other things like making sure we all know how much Democrats and Republicans dramatically differ and that liberals and conservatives literally hate each other, when really they totally on the BIG STUFF like BOMBS.

Recently a $716 Billion defense bill breezed through congress. The vote was 85-10 in the senate, that’s enough to overcome any veto by Trump , which would never happen because EVERY TWELVE MINUETS this massive legislation is expected to be finalized, and would authorize more fighter jets , more war ships and more troops. So instead of focusing on what the US Government does not agree on lets concentrate on what everyone is totally okay with.