US double-standard on war crimes

Tripoli, February 28: The US has been pushing for a measure that would keep its agents from being prosecuted for war crimes committed during the bloody massacre of pro-democracy protesters in Libya.

The hypocritical move came on Sunday as the US called for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the killing of Libyan demonstrators, while insisting on excluding a large number of foreign mercenaries.

The US insisted that the Security Council assures all mercenaries — from countries that are not a member of the ICC — hired by Gaddafi would not be punished for their actions in Libya.

This means that mercenaries from countries such as Algeria, Ethiopia and Tunisia would escape prosecution even if they are captured, because their nations are not members of the court.

The move was seen as an attempt to prevent the prosecution of US soldiers and officials over war crimes,

In this particular case, however, there has been no indication that any US citizens have been involved in the Libyan massacre.

The US apparently has threatened to kill the entire resolution if the immunity clause is not inserted.

So far around two thousand people have been reportedly killed in Libya due to the Gaddafi regime’s excessive use of force.