US Congressman declares ”Osama doc” Shakil Afridi ”American hero”

Islamabad, Feb. 28 (ANI): US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives declaring Pakistani doctor Shakil Afridi a hero. According to a press statement, the resolution expressed that Dr Afridi is an ”American hero” and should be immediately released from Pakistani custody, reports The Express Tribune. Dr Afridi, who had helped the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) hunt down former Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden on May 2, 2011, in Pakistan”s garrison town of Abbottabad, was sentenced to 33 years in prison last year in May for his alleged links to a banned militant group. Dr Afridi had been working with the CIA for years before the Bin Laden raid, providing intelligence on militant groups in Pakistan”s tribal region. The statement said that Americans owe Dr Afridi a debt for helping find Bin Laden. Rohrabacher said Dr Afridi and his family have paid a terrible price at the hands of America”s so-called allies – the Pakistani government. He said the US cannot continue to turn its back on Dr Afridi. Rohrabacher said Dr Afridi has been tortured, his family has been attacked and he is still in a desperate situation. The sponsors of the resolution include Representatives Bachmann, Gerlach, Higgins, Hunter, Lummis, Poe, Salmon, Loretta Sanchez and Stockman, the statement added. Rohrabacher has previously introduced bills calling for Balochis to be given right of self-determination, and for Dr Afridi to be given the Congressional Gold Medal. (ANI)