US condemns terrorist attacks inside Iran

Washington, May 30: The United States has condemned the terrorist attack on a mosque in Zahedan city of Iran, killing 19 people and injuring 125 others.

“No cause justifies terrorism, and the United States condemns it in any form, in any country, against any people,” the White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said on Friday in a statement, condemning the recent terrorist attacks inside Iran.

“The American people send their deepest condolences to the victims and their families,” Gibbs said.

Earlier in the day, the State Department spokesman, Ian Kelly too condemned the attack. “We note with concern a recent trend of bombings of Shia mosques in Iraq and Pakistan, as well as in Iran, and strongly condemn any kind of sectarian-driven violence,” he said.

The US strongly condemns all forms of terrorism and does not support form of terrorism anywhere in the world.

“We do not sponsor any form of terrorism anywhere in the world.Never have, never will,” he said.

The US would continue to work with the international community to try and prevent any attacks against innocent civilians anywhere, Kelly said.