US Ambassador asks nation to help decide on one #SareeSearch

Mary Kay Loss Carlson, Charge D’Affaires, US Embassy in New Delhi is troubled over choosing a saree to wear on the Independence day.

The US ambassador took to twitter asking the nation to help her decide to which saree she should be wearing for the Indian Independence Day.

The lady is currently in New Delhi and has uploaded a video of her on twitter trying the four sarees which she has narrowed down asking the viewers to help her decide on one of the sarees she would like to wear on 70th Independence day.

Well, Indian culture is rich with a variety of options available but luckily the US ambassador has managed to narrow down to four types of sarees Jamdani, Dupion, Kanjeevaram and Tussar.

All the four sarees look amazing on her, but she is too confused to settle down to one and now wants the nation to select one for her.