US to allow lawsuits against businesses operating on seized property during Cuban revolution

Washington: United States Secretary of States Mike Pompeo announced on Wednesday (local time) that the US will allow citizens to file lawsuit against foreign businesses that operate on property seized during the 1959 Cuban revolution.

The decision will come into effect on May 2. U.S. officials said no exceptions will be made for any companies.

“Those citizens’ opportunities for justice have been put out of reach for more than two decades,” The Hill quoted Pompeo, as saying. “Any person or company doing business in Cuba should heed this announcement,” he added.

The past US presidents waived that section of the law due to concern that a flurry of lawsuits could spark tensions with allies and discourage Havana from adopting democratic reforms.

The move has come as a part of US president Donald Trump’s efforts to crack down on Cuba for its support of Nicolas Maduro’s government in Venezuela.

The decision will also escalate pressure on the communist island nation to draw foreign investment to the nation.