US agrees to discuss withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan: Taliban delegation

Doha [Qatar]: A Taliban delegation, who met United States’ Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad in Doha, has stated that the US agreed to discuss the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan.

Speaking anonymously, members from Taliban’s delegation told Al Jazeera, “Six US delegates arrived in Doha to have a meeting with our (Taliban) leaders [and] agreed to discuss all issues, including the pullout of foreign troops”.

However, they also mentioned that it was a “preliminary meeting” and that all the issues were discussed in general. Further talks are expected to be held in the near future according to them.

The Taliban put forth a number of conditions, including the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, the lifting of sanctions on its leaders, the release of their group members from prisons in Afghanistan and the establishment of an official political office, according to Al Jazeera.

The Taliban had previously confirmed the meeting between the two sides, as per reports from TOLO News.

The two sides discussed the “end of the occupation” in Afghanistan and vouched to find a “peaceful solution in Afghanistan.” Emphasising on the need for “real and Afghan-inclusive solution”, the two sides also agreed to hold more meetings in the coming future.

The meeting took place in a bid to find a solution to end the 17 years of war in the nation. The Taliban had previously outlined the presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan as the biggest hindrance to peace in the nation.