US administration in favour of tighter H-1B visa norms

New Delhi: The US Department of Homeland security is planning a proposal that makes acquiring H-1B visas more difficult.

In this respect, the Department of Homeland security is planning to revive a 2011 proposal that would require H-1B petitioners to preregister for the H-1B cap lottery and to submit cap petitions only after they have won cap numbers.

“The DHS also plans to propose a priority system for allocation of H-1B cap numbers which would give priority to the most highly paid and highly skilled, consistent with President Trump’s ‘Buy American, Hire American’ executive order,” reads the update.

The largest users of H-1B visas and non-immigrant visas are Indian IT firms. H1B visas allow US firms to temporarily employ foreign workers.
If the US authorities implement the decision in full scale, it will restrict free movement of talent due to stringent protectionist policies.