US: 22 and a half years longest ever sentence for supporting ISIL

New York: A resident of New York state was sentenced 22 and a half years prison for trying to recruit fighters to join Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

The sentence has been recorded as the longest prison term handed out to an American convicted of supporting the group.

Mufid Elfgeeh, a 32-year-old pizza shop owner of Rochester, New York, was sentenced in a Western District court on Thursday.

Elfgeeh was originally charged with trying to kill US service members and unlawfully possessing firearms and silencers. Although Elfgeeh pleaded guilty in December for trying to recruit two individuals to join ISIL yet he was charged.

The informants recorded conversations in which Elfgeeh talked about wanting to kill members of the US military and Shia Muslims in New York. One of the informants eventually sold Elfgeeh firearms and ammunition.

Elfgeeh tried to send the two individuals to Syria to fight on behalf of ISIL, buying them a laptop computer, a high-definition camera, an expedited passport and other travel documents, according to his plea agreement.

To activate a network of ISIL sympathisers in Turkey, Syria and Yemen he used Facebook and WhatsApp.