Urinating, littering in public places to be fined, new rules to be imposed

Centre has asked the State Governments to fine the people urinate or litter in public places. The fine is said to be in range of Rs.200 – 5,000. Urban Development Ministry has asked the State govts to impose these rules at least in one ward in each city by April 30, and all wards in 10 – 15 cities by the end of this year and all wards in all cities by September 30, 2018. The order also asked states to provide public toilets and facilities for garbage collection.

Pathak, a founder of public toilet chain sulabh international, said, “Ideally, the government should have provided adequate sanitation facilities before imposing fines. But the problem of open defecation has become so pervasive in our cities that a beginning has to be made somewhere.”

The ministry has set a strict time frame for states to provide an adequate number of public toilets and ensure facilities for garbage collection. States have been told to ensure there are public toilets, door-to-door garbage collection facilities and adequate dustbins at public places in wards where the fines kick in. Sanitation experts said fines should have been preceded by adequate sanitation facilities.

“But, the norm is hardly adhered to. In any metro city, you have to travel for kilometres to come across a public toilet. Those for women are even rarer,” a government official said.