Urdu speakers should develop Urdu: SM Khan

Hyderabad: Mr. SM Khan, Director, Registrar of Newspapers of India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting told that Urdu is an Indian language. It was born and developed in India it is spoken and understood from one corner to the other corner of India. Urdu speakers should pay attention for its development. Arrangements should be made to teach Urdu least one subject in schools. Urdu speakers should send their children to the schools where Urdu is taught. There is no use complaining against the Govt. that it is not promoting Urdu.

He was addressing Eid Milap Function in Hyderabad at Press Club organized by Urdu Journalists Association. He told that in the entire country, the largest number of publications of newspapers are in the languages of English, Marathi and Hindi. Urdu newspapers occupy the fourth position.

He advised the managements of Urdu newspapers to enhance their standard. He lamented that Urdu newspapers have failed to maintain the standard they had before the Independence of India. Prof. S.A. Shukoor, Director of Urdu Academy presented a memento to him. He told that 90% of Islamic literature is available in Urdu language.

Siasat News