Urdu medium headmasters boycott orientation program

Hyderabad: Department of School Education organized an orientation program for the headmaster of Govt. and Aided school headmasters of Urdu medium schools. The headmasters of Urdu medium schools faced anxiety when the teaching material was not provided to them in Urdu language. This kind of lethargy was seen a number of times in the past.

When the headmasters enquired from the incharge of the program, a routine reply was given that the textual material would be supplied in Urdu language at the end of the training program on 30th November. It is not known why this kind of discriminatory attitude is meted out to Urdu medium teachers. Protesting on this issue, all the headmasters of Urdu medium schools boycotted the orientation program.

Mr. Mohammed Masooduddin Ahmed, General Secretary of Telangana Urdu Teachers’ Association demanded that the teaching material in Urdu should be provided to the headmasters of Urdu medium schools immediately.

–Siasat News