UP’s Activist Calls Media Modi’s Agent

Uttar Pradesh: Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan, an activist from Uttar Pradesh formed an organization for the Dalits and named it as ‘Bhim Army’. He works for the rights of Dalits as they are considered to be backward class. While talking to the media he said, “Modi won’t win this time”.

He lashed out at media people for praising Modi and calls them agents of BJP. He says that media is becoming rich with the money filled by BJP in their pockets to speak good about Modi. Chandrashekhar said; no matter what Modi is gonna lose this time.

Chandrashekhar wants a Government where the Dalits & Muslims are treated equally and law is implemented in a proper manner. He does not want to join politics but wants to bring a change in the society with social activities. According to him, politicians want to create fights between Muslims and Dalits which he won’t let happen. He is also creating awareness among people to vote for the right candidate for a better future.

Bhim Army founder, Chandrashekhar is a law graduate and his organization came into light in 2015 when he with others put up a board which said “The Great Chambars of Dhadkauli Welcomes You”. He was arrested in June 2017 after getting involved in a caste clash which lead to a death and burnt many houses.

Bhim Army’s Facebook

He fell ill while in jail and was shifted to hospital for better care. He was Jailed for fifteen months and was released in September 2018.

Bhim Army’s Facebook